Editor’s note: This letter was received in response to the Boone County Commission’s vote to remove murals in the courthouse.

It’s hard to believe three supposedly intelligent people could make a decision this stupid.

Actually, it’s not that hard to believe, considering some of their other decisions. At least Dan Atwill abstained, which made the two remaining commissioners look even worse.

Monuments have been torn down, school names have been changed, team mascots have been abandoned and now the courthouse murals are going to be removed. Apparently, in Boone County, all it takes is for one thin-skinned individual to complain and what offended them will be removed, most often at county expense.

People, it’s history. It might not be pretty, and we might not be proud of it, but it’s history. We can learn from it and see that it doesn’t ever happen again, but we can’t change the fact that it did happen. It’s history; we need to deal with it and move on.

Alan Easley is a Columbia resident.

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