I was shocked at the headline of your news article about the council discussion of the solid waste collection system, “Columbia council agrees to take a deep dive into solid waste collection system.”

After years of ongoing discussion about the solid waste collection system, the Columbia City Council once again chose to focus its time on annexations, road calming devices and all of the other mundane topics in the Jan. 3 session.

Yes, again they waited to the end of the meeting to address the most significant issues. After discrediting the temporary workers, making the topic about bags and giving lip service to setting a work session, the council left its session without addressing a critical issue — this time the issue was about temporary workers and worker safety. The council gave lip service to a deep dive even as Fourth Ward councilperson Ian Thomas challenged them to move forward.

Your headline is misleading and gives the council way too much credit. There is no deep dive. The council will bide time so they can let this drag on another two or three years. They say they want to make sure they get this right, but there is no real plan of action developed.

Unfortunately for our solid waste workers — permanent and temporary — and our citizens, nothing will change until the whole system collapses. That is when we will see a deep dive occur.

Susan Renee Carter is a Columbia resident who frequents the City Council meetings.

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