Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to Missouri Sens. Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt and other Republican senators and congresspersons opposed to the impeachment of Donald Trump.

You stand with a liar on a tower of lies.

As a country, we used to abhor lies. George Washington, famously, could not tell one.

Yet “Stop the steal!” was the battle cry as hoodwinked patriots stormed the Capitol, completely ignorant of the cruel irony and upside-down-ness of their own intention. Four years of in-your-face lying drove their patriotism to mount an actual insurrection. This we can understand though, for they were acting on what they believed to be true.

You, however, stand with the liar, knowing his lies for what they are. How can that possibly be in the best interest of the people or the republic?

Has history ever come down on the side of the liars?

Has standing with the liar ever been the smart choice?

Most importantly, will we ever trust our government again?

You have accomplished this much: You have dispelled the lie that you are there to serve the people. And for many hoodwinked patriots, you have completely destroyed their ability to ever trust an election — or, in fact, the government at all. Ever.

And you have one more notable accomplishment, cited by multiple international sources since Jan. 6: “Who’s the ‘shithole country’ now?”

Shame on you. History will give you what you deserve. Sadly, that will take way too long.

How do you define integrity to your children?

Lawrence Hults is a Columbia resident.

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