There is a grisly animal abuse process we now have an opportunity to stop. Horses are purchased from unsuspecting owners by “kill-buyers,” who profit from selling the animals to foreign slaughterhouses in Mexico, Canada and Asia. This entire process — from transport to how they are killed — is unspeakably cruel.

The Safeguard American Food Exports Act, currently under consideration by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, would effectively eliminate this inhumane practice. The current figure of 60,000 slaughtered so far this year, according to the Horses in Our Hands , are animals that could have easily been saved.

The Homes for Horses Coalition has approximately 700 accredited horse rescue organizations around the country who are willing to give these beautiful animals safe homes.

Passing the SAFE Act would ban the exportation of horses to foreign slaughterhouses and align our laws with our humane values. Currently under consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee, it has nearly full support, but we need committee member Sen. Josh Hawley to hear from us in support of it. Please call him at 202-224-6154 or leave him a message at .

Once horse slaughter is banned, the vast majority of horses who now undergo a horrific death would instead go to good homes in the U.S.

William Ash of St. Louis is a member of the St. Louis Animal Rights Team.

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