Adrian Plank, 47th State Legislative District; Kari Chesney, 50th State Legislative District; and Jacque Sample, 44th State Legislative District, are candidates who are running against House incumbents who have taken positions that undermine access to park land and weaken protections against factory farms.

Their incumbent opponents, Reps. Cheri Toalson Reisch, Chuck Basye and Sara Walsh, have voted to sell off a state park on the Eleven Point River, voted against increased fees on hazardous waste generators that were recommended by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and voted to prevent local communities from enacting health ordinances to control the impact from industrial agriculture.

The voting records of Reisch, Basye and Walsh regarding environmental issues is abysmal. Nationwide, in the past year, we have seen calamitous disruptions with a record number of hurricanes striking the United States, a straight-line windstorm destroying more than 10 million acres of crops in the upper Midwest, record numbers of wildfires across the West, record high temperatures broken across the country and massive flooding.

The people of Missouri deserve representatives who understand that what we do here not only has local impacts but national ramifications. We live in communities that must support each other.

Reisch, Basye and Walsh are following a strategy to divide us and keep us divided by voting to overturn the will of the people of the state of Missouri with Amendment 3. Two years ago, the amendment known as Clean Missouri was passed with more than 60% of the vote. Now, these three incumbents have revealed that they do not believe and support our democratic values. They want to gerrymander our voting districts because they know they cannot win elections unless they have their thumbs on the scale.

If we are to remain a democratic state and country, we must vote “No” on Amendment 3 and vote “Yes” in support of Adrian Plank, 47th District; Kari Chesney, 50th District; and Jacque Sample, 44th District, who understand that the issue of the environment is directly related to the welfare of the people of this state and that Amendment 3 is incompatible and against that welfare.

The Missouri Sierra Club has endorsed Adrian Plank, Kari Chesney and Jacque Sample. Additional endorsements by the Missouri Sierra Club are available at

Walter Bargen is a member of the Osage Group Executive Committee for the Missouri Sierra Club.

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