As everyone struggles with effects of COVID-19, we are all at least a little anxious about our children going back to in-person learning.

Representative Chuck Basye represents the 47th District in the Missouri House of Representatives. He is in favor of sending children back to school with with very few restrictions or protections. He is the chair of the education committee and has some influence about education.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education wants to boost salaries for teachers and allocate $75 million to recruit teachers to work in high poverty and rural schools.

Mr. Basye has relegated education to the back burner in favor of transportation, law enforcement and prisons. His alternative in terms of ensuring kids get quality education is to provide state funding for private, for-profit charter schools.

For these reasons, voters in the 47th District should consider Basye’s opponent, Adrian Plank.

The best way to show that Missourians want better for their education is to remove the chairman in favor of Plank, who has expressed a desire to improve our education formula, provide for teachers and supply our schools with the kinds of resources needed to compete in the 21st century.

Patrick Griffiths is a concerned Boone County citizen.

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