Steve Spellman in the Nov. 12 print Missourian misrepresented the concerns about Trump’s refusal to accept the election results.

His statement that Giuliani has “signed affidavits” and “first-hand testimony” of voter fraud is incredibly misleading. First, the only witnesses Giuliani has produced are a convicted sex offender and a couple of crackpots with no direct knowledge relevant to actual election fraud.

All cases involving claims of fraud that have gone to court have been quickly dismissed — essentially laughed out of court. One claim not involving allegations of fraud resulted in allowing poll observers to stand a couple of feet closer to poll workers than before.

But more importantly, what Mr. Spellman tries so hard to deflect attention from is that the purpose of all these unsupported claims is not to overturn the ballot counts and Electoral College wins — even the Trump team knows that is impossible. The true purpose is to sow confusion and mistrust of our electoral system — to make people doubt it and question it based solely on the existence and the number of these claims regardless of their merits.

The purpose is to fog and befuddle our awareness of the rock-solid truth that this election represents, and that goal is being advanced by pieces like this even when the evidence and the courts completely reject the specific claims. It is unfortunate that the Missourian has published something that furthers this agenda.

Gordon Rogers is a longtime Columbia resident.

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