Congress must act to save the U.S. Postal Service. The Postal Service was established in the Constitution because the Founding Fathers knew mail service was crucial for connecting the citizens of a sprawling nation.

Today, Americans still rely on the mail for shopping, paying bills and keeping in touch. The Postal Service serves far-flung communities that for-profit delivery services like FedEx and UPS neglect, and post offices are public landmarks in every town and neighborhood.

With the COVID-19 crisis, mail carriers are more important than ever. They are delivering prescriptions and crucial supplies to high-risk households, performing wellness checks on vulnerable citizens and keeping us connected when we can’t gather face to face.

But like other businesses, the Postal Service is facing huge revenue shortfalls from the loss of regular business, and the Postmaster General has warned they will run out of funds by September without help. This would be a disaster for all Americans, from rural residents, who would lose a link with the rest of the country, to businesses, which would face drastically higher costs to ship their goods.

I urge Sen. Blunt, Rep. Hartzler and Sen. Hawley to take action to support the Postal Service in the next relief package. Our nation depends on it.

Megan Kennedy is a Columbia resident.

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