Columbia MO Citizens for Roll Carts is collecting signatures from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 12, at the Columbia Farmers Market (outside of the entrance) at 1769 W. Ash St.

The group is collecting signatures to have the issue of repealing the ban on roll carts/automated trucks placed onto the April 2021 ballot.

This does not mean roll carts will be rolling into town the next day. It only means that the people want to see the ban on roll carts/automated trucks set on the ballot in April and (fingers crossed) lifted so that the city has another option to consider when discussing how to move forward with Solid Waste

So, come out and support the local farmers market — and roll carts, while you’re at it.

Kristin Hill is a member of Columbia MO Citizens for Roll Carts, which is advocating to repeal the ordinance banning roll carts/automated trucks for trash service in the city.

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