I would like to respond publicly to a letter Congressperson Vicky Hartzler wrote to me and many others explaining why she did not vote in favor of impeaching Donald Trump (round 2).

She claimed it was “an unprecedentedly rushed process without a single hearing and served little purpose.”

But later she asserts, “I condemn President Trump’s attempt to publicly pressure Vice President Mike Pence to act unconstitutionally by rejecting certain state electoral votes.” She also says that she “wholeheartedly condemn(s) the violent actions undertaken on January 6.”

Ms. Hartzler, with all due respect, I found your letter pathetically contradictory and hypocritical.

If you condemn Trump’s attempt to pressure then-Vice President Pence to act unconstitutionally as well as the violent actions of the insurrectionists, why didn’t you say anything until now?

Your silence on Trump’s usurpation of our democracy has been deafening. Your support of his lies is unconscionable, from the beginning of Trump’s candidacy you supported the falsehood that Obama is not a U.S. citizen and recently your position regarding election fraud. Every single claim of election “rigging” (Trump’s word) has been considered in courts all across the country and dismissed as having no foundation.

Not only is your position hypocritical, you are complicit in the very crimes that you accuse Trump of committing. Perhaps, Ms. Hartzler, you and your congressional cohorts, those terrified of Trump’s wrath, are the ones who should be impeached, or at the very least voted out of office.

Michael Ugarte is a retired professor at MU and a Columbia resident.

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