I’m responding to Katie Barnes and her puzzling letter requesting that MU “send their students home” to protect the community, auspiciously because the university having college students on campus somehow impacts Columbia Public Schools and its policies.

What the hell is this “progressive” woman talking about? Let’s assume that there are a number of MU students who are positive for the virus... should we send them back home to all 50 states to then spread the virus there? Shouldn’t we instead quarantine the relatively few MU students who have it and keep them localized? And what possible link do the MU students have with Columbia Public School students? I’m way more worried about contracting the flu or pink eye or something else from germy little elementary students.

My son is in upper-level classes in the business school this semester; yet four out of his five classes are exclusively online. It’s completely ridiculous to think that he is going to learn more online in the business school than a second-grader in public school. (In fact, MU should refund portions of tuition for this decision, which basically lets a professor decide how lazy they want to be, but I digress). If Ms. Barnes is so ashamed of Columbia, maybe she ought to move to China, or Venezuela, or somewhere else that doesn’t have a Constitution that guarantees the freedom of assembly to its citizens and prefers for the government to intrude in her life. Of course, Columbia is moving in the direction of socialism, so maybe she should stay.

Jason Johnson is an MU alumnus and parent. He lives in Springfield.

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