I read the article on the College of Education faculty meeting that was published Friday on the Columbia Missourian website.

The article didn’t accurately capture the hostility displayed by a select few members of the faculty and staff. I was in the Zoom meeting where it happened, so I know.

I was disappointed to hear the unfair accusations by a select few members against me and Provost Latha Ramchand. As educators, we need to think about our responsibility in creating an environment for civil discourse even when discussing difficult topics.

This is an expectation that we need to instill in our students, and we must be aware of the example we are setting.

No one has to accept my interpretation of the meeting discussions. There is a recording of the meeting that is in your possession; I ask the Missourian to release it to the public.

That will enable full transparency so that members of the public can make their own determination of the meeting. The public deserves nothing less.

Mun Y. Choi is president of the University of Missouri System and interim chancellor of MU.

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