Roll cart signature collection is now online. The first bit of information to know is the following disclaimer:

Signatures added to the online petition will not be counted toward the official hard copy of the petition.

Because of COVID-19 and upcoming winter weather, we find ourselves limited on interacting with the public to collect signatures.

It was suggested we start an online signature collection in order to continue to show the Columbia City Council the large amount of support the citizens of Columbia have for roll carts during this time.

With this collection, we can include individuals who otherwise could not or did not want to risk exposure in physically signing the petition.

Even though it will not count toward the petition placing the issue on the ballot, it could just tip the scales for council members to decide on voting again to place the issue on the ballot.

So, please share or copy and paste to your Columbia friends and family and let’s continue to show council that this city is ‘ready to roll.’

To add your name in support, please visit:

Kristin Hill is a member of Columbia MO Citizens for Roll Carts, which is advocating to repeal the ordinance banning roll carts/automated trucks for trash service in the city.

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