As our general election quickly approaches, I have given much thought about what it is that I look for in a candidate who will represent me in the Missouri House of Representatives, District 44.

Dr. Jacque Sample is that candidate. First and foremost, Jacque is a woman of integrity. She has spent the last 25 years serving others.

She’s had diverse experiences in life as an occupational therapist, a wife and mother, and a college professor. Jacque has been very involved in the policy-making process at the state level. She has successfully passed legislation as a layperson, which demonstrates her grit and determination to help not only the people of the 44th District but all people of Missouri. I can only imagine what she can do as a dedicated representative in the House.

She is always willing to discuss any topic of concern with anyone regardless of their political affiliation. She values input from all fellow District 44 community members and not only listens but hears what you have to say. She takes action by working together to find the best possible solutions to challenges at hand. She approaches change head on, doing what needs to be done to adapt or modify, accordingly.

Sample is passionate about the quality of education for all. She will support early childhood, higher education and workforce training so that all people have opportunities to succeed in today’s ever changing world. She knows that our education systems are underfunded, including teachers’ salaries. She will also put workers’ interests before special interests of large corporations every time.

She is a fearless advocate for quality affordable health care. She will fight hard, as she knows and understands that as a society we should not be forced to make decisions in regard to whether we can spend our hard earned dollars on prescriptions or pay for basic essential daily needs.

Jacque promotes and protects equality, equity and nondiscrimination for all people. She supports law enforcement and drug court programs. She supports and promotes family farming and the voice of farmers and local citizens in determining how farmers operate in their communities and so much more.

If you want to have a direct conversation, she is readily available and willing to do that.

She always puts others first, and that means you.

A vote cast for Jacque Sample is a vote that will guarantee your voice will be heard in addressing matters of concern and interest of the people in District 44.

Thank you, Jacque Sample, for all that you have done and will continue to do to as our 44th District House Representative, making this state a better place for all. I would recommend, without hesitation, supporting and voting for Dr. Jacque Sample.

Kena Elkin Forbis is a retired teacher and developmental therapist who lives in Hallsville.

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