If you voted “Yes” on Amendment 1 in 2018, you want to vote “No” on Amendment 3 in 2020.

Missouri residents approved Amendment 1, Clean Missouri, in 2018 by a ballot petition process with a vote of 72% in Boone County and 62% statewide.

Then, before all parts of the Amendment 1 of 2018 could be implemented, Missouri legislators proposed and placed Amendment 3 on the 2020 ballot to completely change the redistricting process. Here is a brief list of the significant changes in Amendment 3:

  • Amendment 3 reduces the transparency of drawing the redistricting maps required by the new census and constitution, and enhances the governor’s role in the process.
  • May disregard children and non-citizens in calculating district populations.
  • Changes the map drawing rules; non-partisan fairness is the least important factor.
  • Restricts the ways citizens can challenge poorly drawn maps, for example, citizens can only bring a lawsuit in Cole county.

Further, the ballot language was so poorly and confusingly written that twice the courts required the ballot language to be corrected.

Missouri voters should not be misled by Amendment 3 on the November ballot. Vote “No” on 3.

Sharon Schneeberger is a concerned citizen who lives in Columbia.

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