In 2018, 62% of Missouri residents voted to pass Amendment 1, that’s an overwhelming amount of support.

We all decided Clean Missouri was right; we needed to make sure redistricting was done by a nonpartisan entity. The entire concept of gerrymandering is absolutely insane, why would politicians get to choose who votes for them?

The response from Jefferson City is hardly surprising. The very idea of a fair election had them scramble to put together Amendment 3, because clearly we didn’t know what we were voting for the first time.

They purposefully wrote it in such a confusing way, they got taken to court and lost. A Missouri appeals court had to rewrite it for them. Personally, I still found the ballot summary confusing so I did some research. It does what Amendment 1 did two years ago, lowers the lobbyist gift limit by $5 and state Senate contribution limits by $100, but it removes all language about gerrymandering. It’s honestly embarrassing the lengths they’ll go to to avoid a fair election.

If you want politicians to play fair, this November vote “No” on 3.

Cameron Ellis is a concerned citizen and Columbia resident.

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