An open letter to Josh Hawley and Vicki Hartzler:

What, I wonder, did you think was going to happen?

Donald Trump claims the election was fraudulent, that in reality he won the presidential election in a landslide. It is a lie.

You, Senator Hawley and Congresswoman Hartzler, know it is a lie. Yet, in an attempt to prove your loyalty to Donald Trump’s voter base, you give credence to his lie by repeating it.

Your counterfeit concern for the voting process is illustrated by your acceptance of and encouragement for the Republican Party’s widespread effort to suppress the vote through intimidation, closing polling places, purging voter rolls and hampering registration efforts.

Blood has been spilled. People died. Lives were ruined. Democracy is threatened. You are complicit. That is the truth — the cold, hard truth.

The voters of Missouri need to be represented by principled leaders. The first rule of leadership is to tell the truth. You did not tell the truth and refuse to do so going forward. I am confident the voters will not forget.

David D. Bradley is a New Franklin resident.

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