Soon you will see a ballot with names put forward for election to the Columbia City Council.

One of those names is Andrea Waner. I have known Andrea for over three years in association with her as a member of the City Commission on Human Rights. As a commissioner, I had the privilege of observing and working alongside this dynamic woman. Her leadership is superb, articulate and focused.

Throughout my tenure on the Commission, I was privy to sensitive human rights complaints, and watched how carefully each of these matters was handled, not only by other commissioners, but also from the leader, Andrea Waner.

A busy professional woman, Andrea’s commitment to family first and community stakeholders was inspirational and never pushy or problematic. Whenever in doubt about an issue, and additional reading and/or research was required, Andrea was the one who stood her ground and made clear the steps we needed to take. Representing citizens and other stakeholders in the Second Ward will be a commitment not taken lightly or without serious oversight and concern.

I heartily support Andrea Waner for City Council representing the Second Ward for the City of Columbia.

Randall Kilgore is a former Human Rights Commissioner and Columbia resident. 

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