In the highly acclaimed movie “Roots,” Chicken George stated, “when Plan A doesn’t work, you have to have a Plan B.” With the way things are going in America, I am wondering if we are prepared with a plan B.

I truly hope two things will happen. One, that progressives, moderates, people of color, laborers, farmers and folk of every kin and kind will vote out Mr. Trump, his corrupt administration and his political allies including Gov. Parson.

Two, I hope that the Senate will not confirm a Supreme Court Justice until after the November election. If four Republican senators realize the hypocrisy of placing a judge in an election year after denying President Obama that opportunity, I believe good things will happen.

But it is possible that America will make a wrong choice — again — and reelect Mr. Trump, and that the Senate will push through with seating Trump’s choice to the Supreme Court. If that happens, what will we do? What is our plan B?

Sometimes the worst circumstances create the best opportunities. Four more Trump years will cause the worst socioeconomic and political situation we have seen in many years.

Let us be honest, under Trump’s leadership, or lack of it, America is sicker; we are in the worst economic condition since the Great Depression; and we are experiencing horrible social division and unrest.

The results of a Trump appointee to the Supreme Court will affect America for 30 years or more. And I believe it will affect us for the worst.

What then is plan B? If Trump is reelected the situation may force America to come together as one. It will become painfully obvious that we will need one another more than ever before. Under a corrupt presidency we may finally realize that forming authentic community is the power in our own hands. We may have come together to educate our own children. We may have to police the police in our own neighborhoods. We may have to create financial opportunities for one another. We will have to make America better on our own.

The bottom line for me is this: How do we survive if we, once again, have a president who does not care about all Americans? We survive by caring for each other, “by whatever means necessary.”

A cultural change is happening. Everyone knows it, which is why the conservatives are fighting so vigorously to maintain the status quo. The change is coming, and it cannot be stopped. Cultural shifts are always painful and frightening. Things will no longer be the same. The problem is that it may not come tomorrow. Racial injustice, economic disparity and the pandemic may not end soon. So, in the meantime we must be psychologically, physically and spiritually prepared to survive. We must be ready to go to plan B.

Everyone, please vote. Voting can implement the change we all want and need. But if worse becomes worse, have a Plan B.

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