We have been lied to, or at least been lead into a blind alley over the last few weeks.

We have been told that the state has approved Phase 1B tiers 1 and 2 residents to get their coronavirus vaccine, but there is no vaccine available in many Missouri counties.

We have been told that the state has given the first shot to about 4.3% of citizens of the state, but the governor, in his wisdom, corrected that number to 4.5%. This does not jive with The New York Times report that placed Missouri at the bottom of the list for persons vaccinated.

Being in my late 60s and having some pulmonary problems, I definitely qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine. I also work retail, and my wife is a nurse in a nursing home with coronavirus patients. Barring an immediate release of the reserved Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, those in the Phase 1B category may have to wait until April or May to get their shots.

But wait— there is no reserve of vaccines at the federal or state levels.

CNN and other news outlets report that the Trump administration allegedly had no plan in place for the distribution of the vaccines. In fact, the new administration reports that the Trump administration had no plans for distribution of vaccines to our citizens.

Trump’s plan was to let the states decide how the vaccines are to be distributed. Gov. Parson also had no statewide plan to get the vaccines into the arms of our residents, leaving it to the counties.

President Biden announced that he is working to secure an additional 200 million doses of the vaccines, bringing the total to 600 million doses to be made available, which is a good thing. The president is also devising a plan for distribution where there was none before.

Biden’s new program will increase the doses available from 8.6 million doses a week to 10 million a week, as well as a three-week forecast as to the supply of vaccines available. In a news briefing Biden said that “these two steps are going to help increase our prospects of hitting or exceeding the ambitious goal of 100 million shots in 100 days.” That would be April 29, 2021.

The governor recently ditched the Centers for Disease Control’s numbers of COVID-19 deaths and cases because he believes that the CDC is politically motivated. But Parson gave no information as to why be believes this to be true. I believe this accusation falls into the same category of misinformation as the fraudulent election results — no evidence.

KMIZ/ABC 17 News reports that that as of Jan. 20, Missouri had received some 400,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. That is nowhere near enough to immunize our 6.15 million residents. If Biden is to make his 100 million vaccines predictions come true, he will have to design a delivery system to ensure that every state receives enough vaccines.

Biden is equating fighting the COVID-19 virus to a national emergency, saying that we are fighting a war to combat the spread of the disease. Missouri alone has more than 7,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Nationwide, more than 425,000 people have died from this illness.

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates “excess deaths due to COVID-19 and other causes in different countries since the pandemic began, … that there is higher coronavirus death rate in the United States than in 18 other countries, … that the overall U.S. death rate rose 20% from March to August, with 67% of the excess deaths attributable to the virus.”

The University of Pennsylvania reported that the decentralization of the distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine is the cause of the lack of distribution to our citizens. This would hold true for the state of Missouri.

I am greatly disappointed in the federal and state responses to the virus. President Trump denied his failure to act swiftly and with a federal coordination to fight the illness. His administration started this unholy trend of increasing deaths and infection rates.

It appears, from my point of view, that Gov. Parson followed suit and decentralized the distribution systems resulting in not knowing how much vaccine is available, as he was downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic.

I think I am lucky that I can get my first shot Friday. My wife pulled strings to get this done, and I greatly appreciate her successful efforts. I am wondering a few things right now.

When will others in the 1B category be able to get their first doses?

Will there be enough vaccine available to get my second dose?

Will Biden’s plan actually get 100 million citizens vaccinated?

Time will tell.

David Rosman is an award- winning editor, writer and professional speaker. You can read more of David’s commentaries at columbiamissourian.com and InkandVoice.com.

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