Mike Jenner

Mike Jenner

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed something different about today’s print Missourian — the Sunday comics aren’t in their own little section any more.

But they haven’t left the Sunday paper. Now they can be found each Sunday on pages 5B, 6B and 7B. They’re followed by the Timeout page on 8B. .

We made this change to save money.

For a number of years our comics sections were printed by a commercial printer outside Missouri, trucked to our printer in Jefferson City and inserted into the Sunday papers. As you can imagine, this wasn’t cheap.

We can save a considerable amount of money by doing this, avoiding the cost of outside printing, hauling and inserting.

We’ve eliminated several large in-house promotional ads to accommodate the space the comics will take. But we have not eliminated any comic strips — every comic that appeared in the tabloid-sized section is in the reconfigured package.

Our mission is to train the next generation of great journalists while serving our readers the best we can with thoughtful and accurate local news and sports coverage. But as we do this, we also need to be good stewards of our resources.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Passing the torch

Since January 2017, I’ve served as interim executive editor. Next week my term as the Missourian’s top editor will come to an end. As of July 2, the Missourian’s new executive editor will be Ruby L. Bailey, who joins us from the Sacramento Bee.

I want to thank the Missourian’s faculty and staff, our students and our readers for an exciting 18 months.

It’s been a period of growth for the Missourian, and an awesome time to be in the local news business. It’s been a great opportunity for me, and I’ve enjoyed it.

I appreciate the acceptance and support of our readers, and now ask that you welcome Ruby to town and to her new role.

Most of all, thanks for supporting the Missourian. This news organization is truly special. I am certain our students and faculty and their work will continue to deserve your support.

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Mike Jenner is the interim executive editor of the Columbia Missourian.