I attended the Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band concert in Kansas City last weekend. It was the 11th time I’ve seen them since 2009. Back in 2018 I wrote about enjoying his Broadway show. I would have gone to his concerts in my earlier days had I known I would enjoy them so much.

Because of COVID-19, it was big news that he would tour in 2023. This tour is pricey. I know. I am a bit sheepish to say that I paid more for a ticket than I thought any right-thinking person would. I paid $570.48 — $435 for the ticket and $135.48 for the service charge. If you had asked me how much I would have been willing to pay, I would have said something like $250. How did this happen? The best I understand is that it was a combination of impulse buying, the fear of missing out and the panic of auction buying.

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