As is my usual pattern while having lunch, I turned on the TV on Wednesday.

I was having a late lunch — in mid-afternoon — and every channel on broadcast and cable networks was carrying live the Rep. Paul Gosar censure and removal from committees debate in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Since it seemed that all channels (OK, not The Weather Channel) were devoted to this, I watched while various House members spoke for and against.

Most were somewhat eloquent. Then came Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, who spoke of how bad the Democrats were. He believes Democrat reps should have faced the same censure rules that were being applied to Gosar.

He did utter a few words in Gosar’s defense, but mostly he ventured into his own never-never land, not sticking to the subject of the censure at all. He even said that Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, the House Speaker, was burning down the House prior to departing as speaker.

What he did, rather than defending the indefensible, was to attack Democrats.

When I returned from upchucking in the bathroom, McCarthy was off the podium and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in the process of responding to the gibberish that was spewed by McCarthy. While she had every right to be angry as the person that Gosar killed in the anime video, she was contained.

To be sure, she did express some frustration, but mostly addressed why Gosar should be censured, ending with an appeal to vote “Yes” in favor of censure.

After she was finished speaking, I was finished watching and turned off the TV.

Later, I received an email from The Washington Post that the House had voted to censure Gosar with mostly all Dems voting to censure and most of Republicans voting no. There were a couple of Republicans who broke ranks, but for the most part it was a party-line vote.

Later in the day, I watched the evening news, which was mostly about the three trials happening in this country. The Kenosha jury was stilll deliberating, the trial in Brunswick, Georgia, was wrapping up, and the civil trial in Charlottesville, Virginia, was turning into a joke.

Thursday, after all this pomp and bombast, I went for a walk on the MKT trail. The leaves were turning, squirrels were collecting nuts for the winter ahead, robins were flocking and things were more or less normal.

Despite what is happening in D.C. and around the country, I found that nature is doing what it has always done. So, to escape from the sordid realities that we humans have created, it was pleasant to find that wild nature continues to rightfully ignore us.

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