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Circulation Frequently Asked Questions

Publication Questions

Q: What days of the week does the Columbia Missourian deliver a print product?

              A: The Columbia Missourian publishes a print product on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We do not publish on Saturday or Monday. We also will not print a paper on December 26th if it falls on a publication day.

Q: What hours is the Columbia Missourian business offices open?

              A: Our circulation department as well as our advertising department are open from 8am to 5pm on Monday through Friday. We are closed for some federal holidays in conjunction to MU campus closures.

Q: Do you have old newspapers to use for moving?

            A: The papers we have will be in recycling across the street in our recycle bin. It is in the parking lot behind Neff Annex just past the pillars leading to the Columns of MU. All the way at the end of the lot, in the brown bin.

Q: Do you sell or give away end rolls?

            A: Since we do not print at our facility we do not have end rolls of newspaper anymore. The only printers in the area that we are aware of is the Columbia Daily Tribune and the News Tribune in Jefferson City. You will have to contact them regarding end rolls of newsprint.

Q: When does the TV Guide publish in the Columbia Missourian?

              A: We do not publish a booklet TV Guide. We publish the TV Guide page daily in our print publication. This means we do not print the Saturday or Monday TV Guide page. If you wish to see the Monday or Saturday TV Guide page or see the whole week together, you can find it on our website by clicking on the Hamburger Menu (3 lines in the top left corner of the page) in the top left corner of the page, then click on TV Week in the list of options available. Once on the TV Week page you can click on the large square box with the cover showing in the middle of the page. This will take you to a pdf version of the TV Guide. You can download and print if you would like.


Subscription and Payment Information Questions

Q: How do I subscribe to the Columbia Missourian?

              A: Please click on Subscribe to go to our Subscriptions page.

Q: I didn't get my paper, how do I let you know?

              A: You can call our office at 573-882-5700 anytime before 11am. We can have your missed paper delivered the same day. After 11am we do not have anyone to deliver the paper so we will offer to credit your account or send the paper with the carrier to deliver the next morning whichever is your preference at that time. You can also fill out a form here on our website.

Q: What is the Name/Address/Phone Number for my carrier?

            A: We can tell you the name of your carrier, but we cannot give you their personal information. If you wish to contact them or send them a personal note, you can direct that to our office and we can pass that along for you.

Q: My payment information has expired or was lost, how do I update my payment information?

              A: You need to re-subscribe with new payment information. This will override your old payment information, delete it from our system completely and input your new payment information into the system. To do this, click on the Subscribe button. If you are a Print with Digital subscriber you will click on Get Started for a Print with Digital subscription. If you are a Digital subscriber you will click on Get Started for a Digital subscription. You will be taken to a form to fill out starting with your new payment information. Make sure you check the box at the bottom of the form to Update Profile then confirm you are not a robot. Once you've don that you can click purchase and your information will be updated.

Q: I'm trying to re-subscribe, but it is telling me I already have a subscription?

              A: If you scroll down past this message you will see a form that starts with Account Number. This is the beginning of the form and it starts with your payment information. Make sure you complete the entire form then check the box that says Update Profile. After you confirm you are not a robot you can click on Purchase to complete the updated information.

Q: I'm updating my payment information, but I still have several weeks left on the current subscription. Why is it charging my card today?

              A: It will automatically charge your card after you fill out that form and click purchase, but if you already have a subscription tied to this account it will extend the subscription that amount of time and your card will not be charged again until that full time has been completed. 

Q: How do I change my delivery address?

              A:  You can call our office directly and give us the information over the phone. You can also fill out a form here on our website.

Q: I will be away from my home and do not want my paper delivered, how do I let my carrier know?

              A:  You can call our office directly and give us the information over the phone. You can also fill out a form here on our website.


Employment Questions

Q: I am interested in delivering papers as a carrier for the Columbia Missourian, how do I go about getting a route?

              A:  Since our carriers are subcontractors carriers are hired by our Circulation Manager here in the office. You can fill out an application form here on our website. If a route is available we will reach out regarding your application.

Q: I would like to work for the Columbia Missourian in a full or part-time capacity, how would I get a job working for the Columbia Missourian?

              A: All of our hiring for full and part-time position within our office goes through the University of Missouri. You must go online to search for jobs with the University of Missouri. If we have available jobs we do post them in our classified section, in print and online with the MU Job ID#.