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The heart and soul of the Missouri School of Journalism’s editorial programs, the Columbia Missourian has served as a community newspaper and the training ground for thousands of working journalists around the world for more than a century. Today, the Missourian also serves as an innovation incubator for the newspaper industry. 

As newspapers grapple with audience shifts to emerging media, the Missourian is uniquely positioned to explore new ways of gathering and disseminating information. Online and mobile content delivery, interactivity and competition for increasingly fragmented advertising revenue are driving our need to create new business models for the industry.

Accomplished faculty and researchers work side by side with bright young students familiar with digital concepts to create innovative prototypes. Furthermore, Columbia, Mo., a city of approximately 100,000, is in an ideally sized market to test these new approaches.


You can donate money to support the Missourian by giving directly to our endowment.

Gifts of all sizes to the Columbia Missourian Endowment will help to fully fund this teaching, learning and industry innovation laboratory and preserve the hallmark of the Missouri Method. Our goal is to create a $5 million endowment to fund the Missourian's good works year after year. Learn more about the Missourian and how to get involved.

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