Rene Heider stands with a photograph

Rene Heider stands before a photograph she acquired for Boone Hospital. Heider is an art consultant who has coordinated displays at Boone Hospital.

As owner of the art consulting company H&P Consultants, Rene Heider works to find artwork that meet her clients’ needs and inspires those who view it.

In 2009, Heider combined her love of art and knowledge of design to create H&P Consultants and serve companies in Columbia and surrounding areas. Essentially, the business functions as a connection between companies in need of artwork and the artists who create it.

Heider works hands-on with clients and sees projects play out to the finish line. She said that’s her favorite part of the job.

“What I really like is to start a project and see it come to fruition,” she said. “You have the think tank in the beginning, and then you are there every step of the way. At the end, you get to install it and see the final result.”

She finds artwork to meet her clients’ needs in a variety of places from a variety of artists.

“Some budgets allow us to work with local artists, and that is actually our preference,” she said. “We like to use local talent from the community.”

The exposure can be a positive thing for the artists. On multiple occasions, Heider said she has been asked who the artists are behind the artwork on the walls. She is then able to put the two groups together.

As an example, Heider worked with the Artistic Oversight Committee of Boone Hospital Center to supply art for the building.

She contacted local artists and chose pieces she believed would fit the committee’s vision. She then presented a range of possibilities to the committee and shared her recommendations.

She shares an example of a painting of two cranes in the hospital’s intensive care unit that connected with a patient’s family.

The wife of a patient in the intensive care unit passed by the painting every day. She told hospital officials that the painting represented the relationship between her and her husband — bonded for life.

“Crane birds mate for life,” said Barbara Danuser, a member of the committee. “When they form a bond, it lasts until one of them dies.”

After the patient was moved to another floor, his wife asked whether the painting could also be moved so they could still see it each day.

The husband died during his stay in the hospital, and weeks later, his wife reached out to Heider. She told her she wanted to purchase the painting for her home because it resonated so much with her.

Heider believes the job is a perfect combination of her academic degrees — a major in housing and interior design with a minor in art history.

“Art kind of marries interior design,” she said.

“A lot of times people forget that the art is the icing on the cake to the interior design,” she added.

In the years to come, Heider hopes to build the client base for H&P Consultants and continue to work with artists to find places for work that will impact others in a positive way.

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