MU has a range of courses designed to let you explore the social and natural world around you.  They can be both insightful and entertaining, perhaps adding a light touch to an otherwise heavy schedule.

Here are a few options to consider: 

AGRTGE_VS1020: Introduction to Visual Studies (3 units)

Intro to Visual Studies is a general elective that explores the basic language of art.

The class will introduce you to conceptual art forms from the 20th and 21st centuries, starting with Paleolithic cave paintings, the first marks by humans.

You will learn how to identify compositional choices by artists to find the meaning in their work and look at various art media to learn about various art forms.

“I’m interested in showing students art production from contemporary artists, as well as giving them some context for artists they likely already know — for instance Andy Warhol,” said Patti Shanks, the course instructor.

“Everyone is familiar with the images of Marilyn Monroe or Campbell’s soup, but pop art comes out of the culture and politics of the mid-20th century," Shanks said. "I contextualize pop art in hopes they see the echo of pop in our time frame. Without the cultural context, it’s just colorful advertisement."

SOCIL2300: Self and Society (3 units)

Self and Society is a sociology course that focuses on self-analysis in modern society. This course will help students think about their relationship to the social world around them — how they are influenced by it, their place in it and the ways their actions affect society, said the instructor, Sarah Sullivan.

This course covers consumer culture, intersectional identities and social media selves. Instead of using a textbook, students learn from scholars by engaging articles and videos.

ASTRON1010: Introduction to Astronomy (4 units)

Introduction to Astronomy provides a survey of the methods of astronomy. In this course, students learn about the solar system, take a closer look at stellar astronomy and explore the structure of the galaxy and the universe.

The course has three hours of lecture and one hour of lab per week and will meet the physical science laboratory requirement.

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