There is no shortage of student organizations on campus. Student organizations can vary from clubs to intramural sports, Greek life, organizations within a major and just about anything else one can think of.


There are more than 600 recognized student organizations at MU with nearly limitless options to get involved and meet people.

There are religious organizations, agriculture clubs, diversity advocacy groups, political organizations and many more.

There are also honor societies and other organizations based on scholastic merit.

There are organizations that seek to help people as well. One example is Camp Kesem, which helps children who have parents with cancer.

There are many different options for students looking to get involved with clubs and different organizations. These organizations help foster a community among likeminded students and allows people to make friends with others who share common interests.

Intramural Sports

A variety of intramural sports are offered at MU. Soccer, basketball and other sports are offered through the Rec. There are leagues and varying levels of competition that students can enjoy.

Games can be competitive or lighthearted, and intramural sports are a great way to keep going with a sport from high school. Not just that, but they’re also a way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Greek Life

While not for everyone, many students find a close community Greek life.

Greek life is a quick way to make friends and get to know other students around campus. MU has a vibrant and large Greek community that participates heavily in Homecoming and Greek Week during the fall and spring semesters.

Fraternity and sorority life has many different aspects, which includes learning the history of the chapter that you join and going through new member process that previous members have also gone through and learning the traditions of a particular organization.

Major organizations

A good way to meet people with similar interests is to join an organization pertaining to your major. There are many clubs and organizations that meet to discuss topics within their major and make time for fellowship.

For example, journalism organizations include APSE, AWSM, NAHJ and a wide variety of other organizations that students can join to meet likeminded people.

There are many different business fraternities that business majors can join. These organizations not only help make friends and provide valuable contacts and sources for future endeavors.

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