Earning Missouri residency is a cost-effective way to get the in-state resident rate for tuition, potentially saving students about $18,000 with a 14-credit-hour load over an academic year.

Any out-of-state student is eligible to get in-state residency, a process that takes about one year.

The current tuition rate for undergraduate courses in-state is $335.80 per credit hour, with the non-resident rate being $1,014.70 per credit hour. For a student enrolled in 14 hours, the savings would be $9,504.60 per semester.

Here are some documents you will need to establish residency:

  • A Missouri driver’s license and voter registration
  • Proof of presence (lease agreement, notarized letter or Residential Life document)
  • Pay stubs showing at least $2,000 of taxable income earned in Missouri
  • Bank statements showing transactions in Missouri proving presence
  • Automobile registration if the student owns a car
  • Pages 1 and 2 of the prior year’s federal 1040 tax form, showing dependency status
  • $250 non-refundable application fee

Driver’s license

To get a driver’s license in Missouri, applicants must provide proof of identity, which can include a birth certificate or out-of-state driver’s license, proof of a Social Security number (ID card or tax documents), and proof of a Missouri residence address, which could include a piece of mail, such as a bill.

Boone County voter registration requires a mailing address, Missouri driver’s license number and Social Security number. It can be done via mail, online or in-person.

Proof of taxable income

This income must be earned in Missouri. The income cannot be earned online or from a family member and must amount to, at minimum, $2,000. Tipped positions and nannies may provide additional income logs to show tips earned.

MU student Evelyn Morgan went through the residency process in 2021. She encouraged students considering the program to try to get their driver’s license and voter registration done early. Her advice is to ensure students allow enough time to spread out the tasks so they do not rush at the last minute.

“I would say start looking for a job early, because $2,000 seems like a lot of money. But when you spread it out over more time it’s a lot easier and attainable to make that amount,” Morgan said.

Additionally, bank statements from May to August must show a transaction every few days to prove your presence in Missouri over the summer. Additional proof may be requested if the transactions have a significant break in time. There is a two-week exception to this rule for the summer months, but no more than two weeks can be spent out-of-state, excluding Thanksgiving, and winter or spring breaks, or students will be disqualified.

A federal tax return from parent(s) showing that students are not claimed dependent for the 12-month period is also required if students are under 21.

Proof of presence

During the academic year, proof of presence is not required as long as students are enrolled in courses full time. During the summer months, students must present documentation such as a lease or letter from the housing authority where they are living with to prove summer residency. If students choose to live with a relative, a notarized affidavit showing the dates, terms and address of the living situation must be submitted.

For more information visit https://registrar.missouri.edu/residency/

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