A handful of parks throughout Columbia are home to a wide array of outdoor fitness machines. These parks can entertain and keep the entire family involved, without needing to pay for a gym membership.

1. Albert-Oakland Trail & Fitness Circuit: This park’s 1-mile trail is equipped with 11 self-propelled cardio apparatuses, ranging from monkey bars to an elliptical cross trainer.

2. Again Street Park Trail: The 0.4-mile concrete trail has 20 different exercise stations designed for a range of ages and physical capabilities.

3. Jay Dix Station: In addition to playgrounds, sports fields and mountain biking courses, Jay Dix Station has multiple outdoor exercise machines.

4. Lions-Stephens Park Trail: This area just west of Stephens Lake Park is home to nine separate exercise stations along its fitness circuit.

5. Parkade Park: Located next to Parkade Elementary School, this quaint neighborhood park has several outdoor exercise machines, along with an expansive playground.

6. Shepard Boulevard Elementary School: Outside of school hours, locals can use the asphalt track with exercise stations along its perimeter.

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