Video games will come to life through skit and dance at this year’s annual Homecoming Talent Competition at 6:30 p.m. over three days, Oct. 4-6, in Jesse Auditorium.

Every year, sororities and fraternities pair up to compete in the talent show. Each pairing writes, directs and performs a skit around a theme. This year’s theme is video games.

The Homecoming Steering Committee chooses each year’s theme and releases the sub themes in the fall for each pairing to consider.

Jenna Winkler, the Homecoming tri-director, responsible for the talent show, said there is no criteria for the theme and they will be “as crazy as our student committee can come up with.”

Along with the Greek life production, the show also features Homecoming talent acts from soloists to musical medleys to stand-up comedians.

“Expect the unexpected,” Callie Rebodos said about what one could expect from this year’s talent show. Rebodos is the skit liaison for Alpha Delta Pi sorority, a chapter-nominated role that is responsible for building the script, casting the actors and blocking the scenes.

Redobos’ sorority is working with fraternity Delta Chi to create a “Club Penguin” act..

“Bringing it alive has proved to be a tricky experience, thinking of full-fledged skits from a game we played 10, 12 years ago is tough,” she said.

Each act by a Greek pairing must include a skit with choreographed dances that adheres to the assigned theme and integrates with the entire performance.

“We’re in the process of building the script, which is taking those cute little quirky features from the game, like the pizza parlor, the way they dance, or the way they talk, and then add it to a college-aged skit that applies to not only our age group, but also to the video game and Mizzou,” Rebodos said.

Rebodos emphasized how special Mizzou’s talent show really is: “There is something to be said about watching a group of college kids who have no idea how to do stuff like change their voices or get into character but just go for it and really come together to put this on,” she said. “That’s hands down my favorite part about this, is how silly it is and how fun it can be.”

Ella Bacharier, an actor for the Chi Omega skit team, shared what it’s like leading up to the show. Chi Omega is paired this year with the Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity to bring “Angry Birds” alive from screen to stage.

The pairs start practicing two months in advance a few times a week and then meet every day two weeks before their big performance.

“I wasn’t expecting the level of time commitment we do for the show. I mean they really take this stuff seriously. We get started as early as we can because we want perfection for Homecoming,” Bacharier said.

This is her second year participating, and she said she has found a certain passion for the skit after it became a highlight of her freshman year.

“The majority of Homecoming activities, let alone all activities, were either canceled or modified last year, so skit was one of the first times I was really able to get involved,” Bacharier said.

“I loved it. I mean I got to interact with and actually even made friends with upperclassmen. It really was one of the most memorable moments of my freshman year at Mizzou,” she said.

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