Here is a selection of places near downtown Columbia and MU for family and friends to gather over Homecoming weekend.

Tellers Gallery & Bar

820 E. Broadway


Teller’s is a lively eatery in downtown Columbia that offers such American fare as burgers, wraps and pizza.

“The most popular dish during Homecoming is our hot wings,” said Sophie Morris, a server at the restaurant.

The hot wings are made with Teller’s homemade signature sauce and are served with blue cheese. The restaurant is a convenient choice for families staying at hotels in downtown Columbia who want classic game-day food.

“I am a personal fan of the buffalo chicken wrap though,” Morris said. “This place is a great location if visitors are staying at The Broadway since that hotel is pretty close.”

The Heidelberg

410 S. Ninth St.


The Heidelberg is a classic Columbia dining option for those staying at any apartments on campus. It’s in the heart of downtown.

“Marty’s wings are a popular choice; they are wings that are covered in our special dry rub,” said Reagan O’ Connor, a server at The Heidelberg . “It’s a short walk, so we receive and welcome a mix of parents and college students.”

He also elaborated on the contrast between the usually packed crowds on Homecoming weekend to the restaurant dealing with the coronavirus in 2018.

“COVID-19 Homecoming weekend was different,” O’Connor said. “It was busy but not the normal, and there were protocols in place such as tables being 6 feet apart and masks. But now we are expecting it to return back to normal since those protocols are gone.”

Expect a full crowd at the Heidelberg. If you are not in the mood for wings, the French dip sandwich with sliced pot roast, grilled onions and Swiss cheese is what O’Connor recommends.

Broadway Brewery

816 E. Broadway


Broadway Brewery is lively and popular because it offers a wide selection of beer. But the food is also a draw.

“I absolutely love the pulled pork grilled cheese there,” said MU student Kiara Davis.

“Broadway Brewery gets everything fresh from the local farms here and around Columbia, which helps to make the food taste really good,” said Hannah Hudson, an employee at the brewery.

The most popular dish at the restaurant is chicken fried chicken, a breaded chicken breast with gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans, she said.


709 Cherry St.


Addison’s is an American grill in downtown Columbia popular with students locals and visitors.

“People love the nachos bianco,” said Lauren Hull, a hostess at the restaurant. The nachos are Italian pasta chips topped with asiago cheese sauce, tomatoes and scallions.

“The crowd is mostly families, but the bar does get crowded with college students from time to time during this weekend,” she said.

This restaurant streams the Missouri game during Homecoming, so you can watch and eat at the same time.


800 E. Broadway


If you are looking for something upscale downtown, Sycamore is an art-lined dining space that offers cocktails, wine and locally sourced ingredients.

“The short ribs are very popular,” said hostess Melanie Lising. The short ribs are braised in Belgian beer with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes.

“We still follow COVID-19 protocol, so all of the tables are 6 feet apart and we go off a seating chart based off our reservations,” Lising said.

The restaurant also offers a variety of specialty cocktails such as Alder’s Cane, a drink with rum, basil-pear shrub, lime and soda.

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