Progress in Education: Recognizes an individual educator, administrator or support staff member or a program at an educational institution who has made an impact on his/her/their school or community at large through innovative approaches to teaching, programs, community outreach or mentorship.

Progress in Health Care: Recognizes a health care provider who has made an impact in Columbia by delivering high quality and innovative care, supporting public health through outreach and education, and modeling responsible health practices and medical ethics.

Progress in Social Justice: Recognizes a community member or program that has made an impact in advancing the values of equity, diversity and inclusion in Columbia.

Progress in the Arts: Recognizes a community member who has made an impact in Columbia by advancing the role of art and artists in Columbia. The arts can include music, theater, poetry, prose, paint, photography, sculpture and any other creative art form.

Progress in Sustainability: Recognizes a community member who has made an impact on environmental sustainability through innovative practices, education and continuous improvement.

Progress in Entrepreneurship: Recognizes a business owner or business owners who have successfully launched a startup or small business based in Columbia for at least a year. The recipient ought to reflect a commitment to their communities and support fellow entrepreneurs.

Progress in Philanthropy: Recognizes an individual or group that has modeled the way for what it means to give back to those most in need in our communities through fundraising and inspiring leadership in others.

Progress in Civic Engagement: Recognizes an individual who holds an elected, appointed or staff position in government who demonstrates a commitment to being engaged with citizens and upholds the ideals of open, fair and transparent local government.

Corporate Citizenship: Recognizes a firm with a presence in Columbia that demonstrates a commitment to community service and involvement by supporting efforts in education, the arts, sustainability, social justice or entrepreneurship.

The Sherman Brown Jr. Award: Recognizes a community member who, like its namesake, serves his or her neighbors, patrons or customers with the highest esteem and commitment to treating each and every person “like gold.”