magic tree

The Magic Tree has become a tradition in Columbia.

For 25 years, Magic Tree has delighted people in Columbia with the sight of an intricate display of colored lights.

The tree sits in the grassy center of the Village of Cherry Hill. While the tree has been a holiday tradition since 1995, it has only been at the village since 2010.

Every year on Thanksgiving, the tree is lit for the first time at 5 p.m. and will remain lit until Jan. 6.

There are plenty of parking spaces and room to sit back and enjoy the lights. Benches and chairs in the grassy space around the tree are even closer places to admire it.

Photos can be taken at iPad photo booths in various locations around the tree and emailed directly to a phone.

The tradition started as a tree in the front yard of Randal Fletcher, known as Will Treelighter. Fletcher had the idea to twine lights around the entire tree, from stump to the end of every branch.

The first Magic Tree was stationed in his front yard at 303 Hickam Drive but was moved to the Village of Cherry Hill in 2010 so the community could more easily view the tree.

It takes Fletcher 120 hours to set up the thousands of lights on the tree, and he estimates the electricity costs amounts $10 a night.

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