The Country Club Plaza’s Reimagined 91st Annual Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day as a broadcast event.

In addition to the lights, the show will feature musical performances, historical highlights, celebrity guest messages and fireworks.

According to Katie Erwin, coordinator of media relations for the Plaza, KMBC will host the hour-long event.

Small groups that are socially distancing and abiding by CDC guidelines are allowed to attend, but large groups are prohibited.

Visitors will be able to view 15 blocks of lights throughout the Kansas City shopping district every night until Jan 10.

Stringing the lights begins just after Labor Day and is a long, difficult process because of the architecture in the area. “Light runs” take place at midnight leading up to the event to be sure everything will be working during the Thanksgiving light show.

The Plaza lighting ceremony has been a local tradition since 1930. It began after one storefront was decorated with lights in 1925 and the entire shopping district followed.

“The ceremony brings our community together in such a special way each year,” said Kasey Vena, general manager of the Plaza. “We believe it is more important than ever to uphold this beloved tradition, though we made some necessary changes to keep the community safe as we usher in the joy of the holiday season.”

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