Springfield is home to the 'World's Largest Fork'

Two visitors look for the right angle to snap a picture of the “World’s Largest Fork” in Springfield. The towering 35-foot tall fork is made of polished stainless steel and weighs 11 tons.

Springfield is home to a giant 35-feet tall eating utensil that claims to be "the world's largest fork." 

The fork was designed in the 1990s by Noble and Associates, a local advertising company, for a restaurant on South Glenstone Avenue. It was relocated to 2215 W. Chesterfield St. when the business closed.

The towering utensil, which weighs 11 tons and is made of polished stainless steel, is planted in front of office buildings that house the advertising firm and the Food Channel.  

There isn't much to do at the fork, but it is quite remarkable. It has become a popular attraction for travelers making a quick stop in town or for enthusiasts of wacky roadside attractions.

It's definitely a place to grab a selfie, and countless folks do.

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