The Devil’s Icebox is part of a large limestone cave system located in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.  A half-mile trail begins at a picnic shelter and from there, it leads to the cave.

On the path to the cave, boardwalks take visitors up the 63-foot climb to the top of the Rock Bridge. Following the path down the other side will lead visitors to the entrance of the cave. Enough sunlight enters the cave’s entrance to allow visitors to walk a short distance into an underground stream.

The cave has more than six miles of passages. Many, however, are filled with water.  The first half-mile is one such passage and should be crossed by boat. There is a low spot in the main passage for about 15 feet in which guests must lie flat in their boats while passing under it.

Visitors are not allowed into the cave unless they are on a guided tour. Tours have been canceled this year due to a fungus disease found in the park’s bats.  

Rock Bridge State Park has a total of eight trails suitable for hiking, mountain biking and walking. The Karst Trail travels 100 feet over the Devil’s Icebox.  Another path, Grassland Trail, has a 30-foot-deep sinkhole that is fenced off so visitors will not fall into the pit called Hog’s Graveyard Cave.

The Gans Creek Wild Area offers horseback riding June 1 to Oct. 31.

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