VA Heart for Heroes - Melody

Veteran Melody Hill delivers more “Hearts for Heroes” to Truman VA.

Using her talents as a clay artist provides retired United States Army Staff Sgt. Melody Hill an opportunity to give back to the Veteran community. Over the past 13 years, she has created more than 30,000 polymer clay hearts that she gifts to her fellow Veterans as a sign of appreciation. 

Hill learned about the “Hearts for Heroes” project in 2006. Participants create small, polymer clay hearts that are approximately one-half inch in diameter. The hearts, which represent love and appreciation, can be carried by the Veteran. Hill liked the idea of using her artistic skills to thank her peers for their service. 

“When I retired from the Army, one of the things I missed most was my connection to those who served in the military,” Hill said. “As a resident of central Missouri, I don’t live close to Fort Leonard Wood and I’m no longer in the service. Making these hearts is my way to feel connected to Veterans “ especially Vietnam-era Veterans.” 

Hill packages each colorful clay heart with a note that states, “You are my hero. As you hold this heart in your hand, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your service. This heart was made for you by Melody Hill, SSGT (Ret).”

VA Heart for Heroes - Design

Hearts for Heroes designed and created by retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Melody Hill.

The hearts and her message are physical representations of Hill’s desire to let all Veterans know that their service was important and continues to be appreciated. When Hill comes to Columbia for her medical appointments at Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital, she gives packaged hearts to Mary “Dee” Grant, a licensed practical nurse with Truman VA’s Compensation and Pension Office, for distribution to Veterans. 

When Grant gives a Veteran a heart she asks them which branch of the service they were in and thanks them. 

“The reaction from each Veteran is amazing,” Grant said. “I have comforted Veterans and cried with them.” 

VA Heart for Heroes - Grant

Mary “Dee” Grant, LPN, shows off how she displays the hearts she received from Hill for her service to Veterans.

“Some Veterans cry,” Grant said. “Some give kisses and hugs “ especially the Vietnam-era Veterans. They are the most appreciative. They have told me, ‘no one has ever said thank you to me before.’ The tears well up in their eyes when they tell their stories about how they were treated when they first came back home. It’s such a majestic feeling, to know that I am touching these Veterans’ through Ms. Hill’s artwork.”

Both Grant and Hill are humbled by the responses they have received from the little hearts and words they say to each Veteran. Often, returning Veterans show how they display their clay hearts, such as attaching them to a bracelet or keychain. One avid angler even put his on his fishing pole as a reminder of the special presentation.

“We need to thank our Veterans for serving because they gave so much for us all,” Hill said. “I want them to know that we care about them.”

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