COLUMBIA — Kathy Echols began training her own dog in 1993. Nine years later, Echols and co-owner Virginia Huxley founded the Columbia Canine Sports Center.

The CCSC offers a wide variety of training options for owners looking to prepare their dogs to compete or hoping to instill some manners in their household pet.

"There's pockets of people that do competitions and they're pretty serious about it," Echols said. "But our bread and butter — what we do to keep the business going — is teaching people basic manners and puppy stuff."

Most of the dogs in basic manner lessons ranged from 8 weeks to 16 months old. Lessons last for six weeks, and the goals of those lessons, Echols said, are not merely to teach a dog how to sit or stay.

"Really the point is to build a better relationship with your dog," Echols said, "and to have fun."

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