On a warm, cloudy Tuesday night where the weather complied, Hickman High School honored its seniors before the track festivities began.

Hickman seniors Adam Trachsel, Devin Turner, Edward Nelson and junior Deon Weston took the opportunity in the 4x100-meter relay to leave their mark in the school’s record book.

With a time of 42.26 seconds, the four runners broke the old school record of 42.7 that had stood since 1988. While Hickman coach Stewart Johnson didn’t expect a record night, he knew his four runners were shooting for it.

“I’ve learned not to doubt them,” Johnson said.

Everything clicked perfectly for the record-breaking Kewpies, as their speed was unmatched and their handoffs were flawless. On a night where the clouds threatened storms, the perfect one for history was on the track.

The Kewpies took first place in the relay as Edward Nelson took the final pass of the baton and finished with a comfortable lead. This would be the case in many events, as the host Kewpies were able to dominate in the relays.

Senior Ely Yoseph had another impressive moment for the Kewpies. Yoseph took the baton trailing behind the field in the 4x800 relay and ended up taking a comfortable lead before handing off the baton. Cale Littrell would take the final handoff and make it look effortless as he crossed the finish line well before second place.

While the seniors took center stage Tuesday night, sophomore Tucker Abrams made an impact as well. A botched handoff had the Kewpies well behind when Abrams took the handoff. However, Abrams tracked the leader down and passed him on the second-to-last backstretch before taking the victory.

Overall, Hickman put on a show at their home relay. However, the Kewpies won’t be resting on their laurels even after setting new records.

“This was just one step, one goal to put a checkmark by. They’ve got other goals in mind with the postseason coming up.” Johnson said.

Hickman will look to continue building toward the postseason Friday, when it heads to St. Charles to compete at Francis Howell.

  • I'm a sports reporter, covering the 2020-2021 Missouri Women's Basketball Program and Hickman High School. Reach me at hwem5b@mail.missouri.edu, or in the newsroom at (573)-882-5720

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