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When Mike Middleton became interim president of the University of Missouri System, he inherited a slew of institutional, academic and social messes. In addition to mending trust with faculty, students and staff, he faces enormous expectations to improve race relations at MU.


According to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, black students in Columbia were 5 percent more likely to drop out …

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In Columbia, the gap in unemployment rates for the black and white populations is a concerning part of a the cycle of poverty and class inequality. Breaking that cycle starts with education, but for some, finding the window of opportunity from education has come later in life.

Closing the economic gaps — poverty, education and unemployment — between low-income and high-income populations in Columbia requires understa…

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At the announcement for his appointment, the former MU deputy chancellor said racism and discrimination is "centuries old, and this problem is going to take years to solve — if it can be solved. ... I think we’re at an opportune moment to take some giant steps forward to move this issue far beyond where it has been moved in the past, and I’m committed to doing that."

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