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Elizabeth Brixey is a city editor at the Columbia Missourian. She oversees coverage of education.

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Mr. Moore, thank you for your comment. We have a such a story in the works. Regards, Elizabeth Brixey, education editor


Thanks for the interesting question about Dr. Choi's last name. He uses a pronunciation that rhymes with "boy."

Elizabeth Brixey, education editor


brixey commented on Barry Odom's path back home

Mr. Lanigan, we have a Homecoming section on our homepage. If you're looking at it on a laptop, the link to it is about halfway down on the right side.

Elizabeth Brixey (one of the city editors)


I appreciate this comment. The reporter and I are talking about a better way to more clearly express the point. Thanks for posting. Elizabeth Brixey, Missourian education editor