Jared Kaufman


Formerly an assistant city editor & reporter on the public health and safety beat. Reach me at jaredhkaufman@gmail.com or on Twitter @Jaredography.


For people who identify as transgender, going to the doctor can be an ordeal. The potential for discrimination, lack of caregiver knowledge, harassment, violence and refusal of medical services can make it more difficult for transgender patients to stay healthy. The situation in Columbia is improving, but barriers still remain, with potentially dangerous consequences.

The student lives in the North-Center Halls complex. According to the university's mumps response plan, the student will not be hospitalized or removed from the residence hall. Generally, mumps is only contagious for five days.

The 20th annual Cleanup Columbia event will take place Saturday. More than 1,300 volunteers are currently registered, and new volunteers can still sign up at Rock Quarry House.

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