Around a thousand protesters gathered in front of the St. Louis City Justice Center on Monday, marching to the Gateway Arch and eventually onto I-64, where they shut down traffic. 

The organized event ended when the march stopped at the City Hall, but a large group stayed downtown. People gathered near the St. Louis police headquarters building and threw fireworks with other objects at the police. Then, police used less-lethal rounds, pepper balls and tear gas.

Protesters fired a nearby convenience store and looted businesses at the intersection of Tucker Boulevard and Washington Avenue. Four police officers were shot when they responded to the scene. They sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden said Tuesday in a news conference outside Barnes-Jewish Hospital, How could this be? Mr. Floyd was killed somewhere else, and theyre tearing up cities all across the country.

Early Tuesday morning, contractors, store owners and employees cleaned the sidewalks in front of their stores and salvaged as much as they could from inside. Sawzi Hamdahh, the owner of the Boost Mobile store, said, “We survived the first one; looks like the second one got us. You know, when Mike Brown got shot.”

The smell of tear gas was still in the buildings of Globe Cleaners and Convention Plaza on Tuesday morning. Globe Cleaners employee Aephtali Villagran said, as he waited for his boss outside, “We cannot do much now. We cannot work.”

  • Antranik Tavitian is a first-year photojournalism graduate student at the University of Missouri. He is a first-gen Armenian-American born in Los Angeles. His work focuses on the intersection of social issues, ethnicity, and identity.

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