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The Week in Photos: 02.01.2021 – 02.07.2021

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The Week in Photos: 02.01.2021 – 02.07.2021

The Week in Photos takes a deep dive into one story from the previous week of Missourian reporting. This week, we're looking at Toby Young's coverage of Tolton girls basketball in the Southern Boone tournament. Hana Kellenberger was the photo editor on the story.

The assigning process is an important element when directing the photo team. Determining where to send photographers is a decision we make every day. There's a balance between the photographers' availability, the time and length of an assignment, travel time and newsworthiness.

Sophie Angel watches as her 3-pt basket goes in

Sophie Angel watches as her three-pointer goes in Monday at Southern Boone High School in Ashland. 

On the surface, covering sports may seem easy, or at least more straightforward. We know our audience cares about Mizzou sports, about football and basketball, and about their home teams. But that's not all we cover, and that's on purpose.

Last fall, current assistant director of photography Emmalee Reed conducted a content analysis of our sports photography. Reed found that more than 80% of the sports photography  in the fall and winter of 2020 was of men's sports. Nearly 60% of our sports photography fell inside the Columbia city limits. Most of the geographic diversity came from the Friday Night Sights team spreading out across mid-Missouri to cover high school football — a male-dominated sport.

This past week, we covered the Southern Boone basketball tournament in Ashland. Reed said this tournament in particular fell into an intersection of important factors often missing from our coverage: it's not a collegiate sport, it's not a male sport and it's outside of our typical coverage area.

"People in Ashland consume our news, and they'll pay attention to it," Reed said. "They deserve to have a little spotlight shown on them and to have their news and their sports covered."

Morgynn Pawli locks in on her opponent

Morgynn Pawli locks in on her opponent during an attempted inbound pass Monday at Southern Boone High School in Ashland.

Along with geographic variety, photographing girls sports does more than just increase our diversity of coverage. According to photographer Toby Young, the photos themselves show a different side of the action.

"At least from my experience, I found that women are more expressive with their faces throughout the game," Young said. "Guys always look mad or straight-faced, whereas women smile, they laugh, they look really upset."

Young's photos in particular stood out to his editor, Hana Kellenberger. She photographed girls basketball as a staff photographer in the fall, including a Tolton game. She knew what to expect. She also knew about former research that shows how female athletes are portrayed differently from male athletes. This discussion came up recently during her visual editing course. 

"Sometimes, I find that [photos of] women's sports don't capture as much of the athleticism as men's sports do," Kellenberger said. "But there's just as much here... [Young] finds good moments, whether it be action or otherwise."

Allie Schulte attempts to block a shot

Allie Schulte (32) attempts to block a shot by Sam Wright on Monday at Southern Boone High School in Ashland. The Tolton Trailblazers won the game 35-24 against the Marshall Owls.

Despite their different interpretations of the sport, both Young and Kellenberger picked out the above photo as their favorite from the bunch.

"It's just a really cool sports moment," Kellenberger said. "All the girls are in motion. They're all doing something. And it's moving all one way."

"We actually kind of had that moment when we were editing," Young said. "We both saw it and said, 'That's the one.'"

A screenshot from Photo Mechanic

In this screenshot of the photo edit, the selected photo is on the left. You can see the basketball floating in front of the clean space in the ceiling. We use software by Photo Mechanic. This allows us to quickly view all images and make an edit. 

The Week in Photos also highlights some of the visual team's best work that you may have missed throughout the week. This week, we did some unique and visually intriguing work with stories big and small.

Columbia parents start CoMo Mask Bank to help protect teachers

In this portrait, Jen Wheeler is showered with masks

In this portrait, Jen Wheeler is showered with masks that are being donated to CoMo Mask Bank at Big Tree Medical Home. "I get really excited when I see people wearing my masks," Wheeler said. She said that she once saw someone at Best Buy wearing her mask and had to take a picture.

No injuries reported in fire at Stover's Flooring & Drapery Center

Onlookers watch as firefighters work to put out a fire

Onlookers watch firefighters at work on Saturday at Stover's Flooring & Drapery Center in Columbia. Firefighters from eight fire stations were on the scene of the blaze.

Hickman dominates at CMAC swim meet

Emma Grus competes for Hickman High School

Emma Grus competes for Hickman High School in the 200-yard individual medley event on Thursday at Hickman High School in Columbia. Grus finished with a time of 2:32.76 and placed fifth in the event. 

Columbia residents 'Paint the Town' Chiefs red

Painters work on adding the sky to their Patrick Mahomes Gnome painting

Painters work on adding the sky to their Patrick Mahomes Gnome painting Wednesday at COMO Axe Attack. Monty Murphy, an instructor from Paint the Town Columbia, emphasized that the artists should take creative freedom with their work.

Mexico High School hosts girls wrestling tournament

Lydia Hudson hits the mat during a wrestling match

Lydia Hudson, bottom, hits the mat during a wrestling match Saturday in Mexico, Mo. Hudson wrestles for Jefferson City High School.

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