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Missoula Children's Theater returned to Columbia this week with "Aladdin". The children took the stage this past Saturday and Sunday, May 6th and 7th. 

Missoula Children's Theater, based in Missoula, Montana, is a company that sends directors across the globe putting on shows in just one week.

For two hours on Mondays, the directors hold auditions consisting of singing, reciting lines, and evil laughing. For the next four days the kids and directors work together in rehearsal all afternoon and evening to create what their audience will see Saturday afternoon.

This year in Columbia, Hayden McCullough and Kage Hughey came to town on behalf of Missoula, putting on the show 'Aladdin' at the Missouri Theatre.

The Missouri Theatre welcomes the Missoula Theater group annually, with past shows including Little Red Riding Hood in 2022.

"I do love this job," says director/actor McCullough just before the show on Saturday. The Columbia showing Saturday was the second-to-last city on the tour for McCullough and Hughey who have been touring since January. On Monday, they will start the whole process again in Colorado.

Through all of the missed cues, dancing penguins, and fake mustaches, Missoula and Missouri Theaters came together to produce an entire show in less than a week.

  • Cleo Norman is the Assistant Director of Videography at the Columbia Missourian and a graduate student at MU's School of Journalism. She has previously worked as a staff photographer and video editor at the Missourian.

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