In honor of Valentine’s Day, four couples of varying ages share the stories of how they met and their secrets to a long lasting relationship. Andy Ramirez and Kirstie Sands, Lauren and Geoff Karr, Mitzi and Brian Clayton, and George and Allene Norman sit down for a studio interview to open up about past experiences, anecdotes, and sometimes painful memories of their relationships over the years. “Just because it's a national holiday, Valentine's Day should be every day for the people that you love. You have to be doing something to keep your family together all the time,” said George Norman. The Norman’s- who have been married for 50 years now- said the key to their marriage has been putting God at the forefront of their relationship and finding little ways everyday to show their love for each other. Lauren and Geoff Karr said their relationship has been made stronger by going through tough times together. After their two year old son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018, they realized that the little arguments in their day to day life were irrelevant in comparison to the love that kept their family together. Six year old Beckett Karr is now in remission, and the family continues to make special memories and cherish their time together. Each of the couples shared their thoughts on how to grow stronger throughout their relationship and love one another more with each day.

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